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Wow! Kitchens, the most trusted name providing modular kitchen service in the country for over more than six decades now has a wide range of modular kitchen designs that are excellent in functionality and far superior technology wise than any other modular kitchen designs available in the market. Our experts can expertly create modular kitchen plans for you that will perfectly harmonize with your ideas, tastes preferences and budget. We relentlessly compare materials, features, and benefits listed by the modular kitchen item manufacturers before choosing them for our customers. We also offer to streamline the process of procurement of modular kitchen construction material for you so that you get the best finish within your allocated budget.


For the best finish and durability of a modular kitchen, it is absolutely necessary that high quality materials are used to make its framework. Keeping this in mind, we use the finest and top quality plywood available in the country to design the modular kitchen. We use water proof branded ply (Green, Century) which not only enhances durability of the kitchen carcass/ frame but also drastically cuts down on maintenance cost as the carcass made of high quality material does not need repairs for years.

Internal Laminate:

We use the best quality laminate of your choice. Laminate is the material which gives great outer finish and provides you the flexibility to choose colour or their combinations for your modular kitchen. Laminate Matt Finish, Acrylic Finish, Laminate Gloss Finish, and Veneer Finish are some of the very widely prevalent surface finish types in the modular kitchen market. Each finish type will cost differently. We use at least 0.8 mm thick laminate for better durability. Internal laminate is also very essential while making cabinets in the kitchen as it allows you to smooth cleaning of your kitchen cabinets and keeps them stain free.


We use PU Hi Gloss, Acid was Glass while making shutters for crockery and other cabinets that not only adds superbly to the kitchen aesthetics but also displays your crockery and other items in the most sophisticated manner.


We use the finest and highest quality Hardware. The hardware we use for modular kitchens such as module sliders, modules, latches, nut bolts, etc., remains rust free and their aging makes no impact on their luster and functionality for years. Whatever hardware items we use come from Blum (White finish Tandem), the most trusted and respected name in modular kitchen hardware. The company stands for quality, and great customer service as their core competence.

On Site Maintenance:

We provide 2 years on site maintenance facility, during the period our experts will visit your kitchen periodically to inspect that everything is working properly. However our offer comes with certain riders.


Accessories are the most important criterion to judge the quality of a modular kitchen, so investing in high quality accessories is of paramount importance. While choosing accessories their functionality and aesthetic appeal shall be given the due importance to get the best results. It is of utmost importance that no compromise is made while choosing accessories. Some of the most popular accessory choices, such as cutlery organizers, magic corners, etc. we provide the finest quality accessories as per the requirement of the customer.

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